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The Truth About Timeshare Relief 

Get the Facts About Timeshare Relief

Your Timeshare Company Doesn't Want You To Know

Take 60 Seconds to Read The Facts About Getting Out of Your Timeshare

We get it. You went on vacation and saw the potential future your family could have. They showed you videos and pictures of smiling people. It was supposed to be cheaper than staying in hotels and most of all you got condo-style rooms at your timeshare resorts......

You reluctantly said yes after hours of torture with the hard sell. You knew it was probably a mistake and to listen to your instincts, but they just kept hounding you to say yes. 

Now looking back none of the promises they made you panned out. You can't get where you want, when you want, and book the rooms you want. The points don't get you much except for a constant headache....

Hindsight is 20/20.

The only choices now are - to keep paying & suffering, foreclose and ruin your credit, or to find someway out.

And to make matters worse...Every time you go on vacation you are pressured to attend an "owner update" which you now know is a fancy term for high pressure timeshare sales pitch.

Now you're beyond frustrated and want to find a responsible way to exit this situation. Am I right? Your family is desperate for relief from your timeshare and all the timeshare debt that came with it. 

But where do you turn? Who is a reputable Timeshare Relief Company? You hear ads on the radio and see your social media covered with companies promising you the world....

It's a tough. Who are the good guys? Who are the bad guys? And who are the crooks?

Follow these three tips to choose the right firm:

1. Make sure they check to see if you're Eligible for Timeshare Relief. Not everyone has a situation that qualifies for Timeshare Cancellation.

2. See if they have BBB Accreditation. Most of the big players in this industry got there by taking advantage of hard working folks who were in a bad spot....chances are if they are advertising on TV and Radio they are spending their clients hard earned money on everything but getting them out of their unwanted timeshares. 


3. Never pay large, upfront sums to cancel your timeshare. Reputable providers may need to cover some expenses before they start your case. But asking for thousands and thousands of dollars upfront is unethical to say the least. 


Looking for a reputable Timeshare Relief firm with reasonable pricing that will provide stellar customer service along the way? 

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