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Why do so many timeshare owners want out?

Getting Rid Of A Timeshare Yourself Can Be A Nightmare.

We know so many timeshare owners who have tried to sell their timeshare and failed, tried to give it away and failed, and have repeatedly asked the timeshare company to take it back, but always seem to get the run- around. 

The Legal Consequences For Getting Out Of A Timeshare.

Often times people think they can just stop paying on their timeshare. This can have drastic long-term impacts to your credit score and can follow you for many years to come. Why let a timeshare keep you from being able to buy a house or car? We have many clients who have been sued or threatened by their timeshare company. 

You Bought The Timeshare Because You Were Lied To. 

Almost every one of our clients was sold their timeshare based on lies, misrepresentation, fraud, and many more legal and ethical violations by their timeshare company and timeshare salesperson. We believe big timeshare companies know that their salespeople use unethical sales tactics and are prepared to fight for every dollar taken from unsuspecting timeshare victims.


The Fees Keep Going Up. 

Why would anyone want to pay more than they should to go on vacation? Many of our clients looked at their home resort online and saw that they could go on vacation for much cheaper by booking online. If you aren't certain, look up your timeshare resort online to see what the nightly rates are....we bet that it would be cheaper to rent two units than to pay the maintenance fees. Why pay for everyone else's vacation?

The Kids Don't Want It. 

It is a sad fact that sometimes timeshare owners' children don't have the same financial preparedness their parents did. Most often the timeshare heirs simply cannot afford to pay the maintenance fees and do not want to be stuck trying to figure out a way to prevent timeshare foreclosure. Why leave them a burden with no way out from financial ruin?



The Sales Pressure Never Ends. 

Tired of being hounded to attend an 'owner update' meeting every time you check in to your timeshare resort? These 1980s sales tactics have been a major turn off for many timeshare owners. No one wants to be pressured and hounded for hours on end, let alone while on vacation. 

It's Never Too Late To Stop The Bleeding. 

When we polled our clients about how they coped with the fact they had paid for their timeshare and then had to pay to get rid of their timeshare - most of them responded that although it was a painful fact they had lost money on their timeshare, it still made sense to stop from continuing to lose more and more money over time. Doing the math all of our clients saved thousands of dollars by getting rid of their timeshare. 

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No more worrying about the fees, sales pressure,

or leaving it behind to your children.

We will  get rid of your timeshare

quickly, affordably, and permanently. 

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Why Hire Us?

100% Money Back Guarantee

All of our work is guaranteed contractually. What makes us different is 15% of our revenue is held aside for your protection. 

We Do All The Work 

Unlike our competitors we do the majority of the work. All we ask is that you help us get the right info. At HVM - you won't have to write any letters. 

In-House Legal Team 

We have one of the best attorneys in South Carolina as part of our team. His guidance on our dispute process has been pivotal to our success in cancelling timeshares for folks who were lied to. 

Small Firm vs. Large Firm 

Instead of being bounced from department to department, you will have one Case Manager the entire time you're with us. In fact, we guarantee to contact you twice a month. 

You Keep 100% of Recovered Money

Most of our competition asks to get a percentage of any recovered money. This means money you already spent on your timeshare, they want a piece of it if your developer refunds you. At HVM you keep 100% of any recovered money!

BBB Accredited & Great Reviews

Some of the largest cancellation companies out there have had this revoked. We strive to always do the right thing and be great corporate citizens. If a company has lost their accreditation, can they really be trusted? Check our BBB profile here.

Financing Options

We offer Financing to make our cancellation services as affordable as possible. Click here to see if you qualify for our financing.

Veteran Owned & Operated

Our President and majority owner is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Combat Veteran. We take pride in what we do and love taking care of our veterans! If you're a veteran, let us know because we offer a 10% veteran discount. 


Our Process Works 

Gather Information.

From the very beginning of your first meeting with us to the very end of your journey to cancel your unwanted timeshare, our Case Management Team will be gathering information about your timeshare. We use that information to guide our process and ensure your timeshare is cancelled as quickly as possible.

Analyze Case Details.

Information that isn't processed is meaningless. Our Case Management Team is continually assessing and analyzing all the facts regarding your unwanted timeshare. This continuous process allows our team to be several steps ahead of your timeshare company. 

Dispute Process. 

Once we have your Welcome Packet and have done several calls to gather and analyze all the case information, then our team launches several direct disputes with your timeshare company. We may also involve other regulatory agencies, both governmental and non-governmental. Over 90% of our cases are resolved in this stage of the process. 

Legal Escalation. 

If our team hasn't gotten you a resolution and release from your timeshare and accompanying timeshare debt from the dispute process, then our firm will partner you with a licensed timeshare attorney to  begin escalating the case. You get to choose from any of our affiliated service providers and we cover all the costs. This is a somewhat rare occurrence, but we believe if you were defrauded and the law was broken when you were sold your timeshare, then you deserve to be let out of your timeshare. 

Process Complete. 

The most satisfying feeling in the world is getting rid of your timeshare burden. We love knowing your family is no longer stuck paying for the timeshare high interest mortgage or the timeshare maintenance fees. You will receive an official release document from your timeshare company once your timeshare has been cancelled. 

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